by Marcus
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Since 1964 Vetter has produced pneumatic rescue equipment and tents for fire services and medical services throughout the world.

Vetter products are standard equipment worldwide for fast and safe rescue from rubble or collapsed buildings.

The challenge:

  • many injured persons
  • different loads to be shifted
  • various openings and support points for rescue tools
  • complicated injuries and difficult rescue situations

With years of experience and after extensive consultation with rescuers all over the world, Vetter have developed products that provide the support you need in every situation where heavy loads need to be moved safely and to free people.

If you have to rescue people out of an emergency situation then every second counts. That is the reason why Vetter products are designed especially for quick and easy operation. You can fully concentrate on your job because our rescue equipment always perform as we promise. In our product range you will find solutions concerning rescue from buildings, vehicles or other emergency situations.

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