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by Marcus

Zistos is committed to the design, manufacture and sale of leading edge, video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical, rescue and search efforts. We feel it is our distinct privilege to have as our primary customer base those organizations dedicated to serving and protecting the public.
Greater Performance Through Cutting-Edge Technology.
Zistos is a recognized leader in developing the very latest in advanced search/surveillance/inspection technologies that enable trained personnel to see and gain access into areas often considered inaccessible. Zistos is also unique in their ability to configure systems that are both more effective and safer for the men and women who perform these activities. The company has earned a sterling reputation for numerous pioneering innovations, most notably regarding their core imaging capabilities that include thermal imaging, low-light video technologies (electronic intensifiers), cutting-edge illumination sources, and engineered systems designed for dependable rapid deployment. In every product developed, it’s obvious no company is more dedicated to technological advancement and performance excellence than Zistos.
Integrated Solutions For Specialized Applications.
Since Zistos products are very often implemented in time-critical, life-and-death situations, it’s essential they serve the precise requirements each situation demands. Our engineers and product developers continually communicate with our diverse array of clients to learn their evolving needs, frequently refining and redesigning to provide exactly what’s required. We’ve always understood that no one solution fits every need; the ability to customize to meet precise client specifications lets us not only improve standard equipment, but more importantly predict future needs and stay ahead of the curve. We offer customers access to our engineering department as an additional problem-solving resource for custom systems based on their specifications. Just as important, we develop all our products to be “backward-compatible” whenever possible, making Zistos technology highly cost-effective.

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