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ZIEGLER delivers six new TLF 4000

by Marcus
ZIEGLER delivers six new TLF 4000

ZIEGLER delivers six new TLF 4000

ZIEGLER has delivered a total of six TLF 4000 with ALPAS and Z-Control of the latest generation to the fire departments Bad Marienberg, Dernbach, Hachenburg, Herschbach, Langenhahn and Wallmerod in the Westerwald district.

The six identical vehicles are built on a MAN TGM 18.320 chassis. Thanks to single tires and a wading capacity of up to 800 mm, the vehicles can also be used to fight forest fires and in flood situations. The 4,000 l of extinguishing water and the additional 500 l of foam agent mean that fire departments are now ideally equipped for efficient firefighting.

The vehicles are particularly manoeuvrable due to the short wheelbase of only 3,600 mm. In addition, the ALPAS superstructure allows a favourable extraction height of the extensive load.

The vehicles are controlled and operated by the latest generation of the proven Z-Control operating concept. The entire operation of the vehicles is user-guided, simple and self-explanatory.

ZIEGLER delivers six new TLF 4000

Basic Information

  • Type TLF 4000
  • Customer Association of municipalities Bad Marienberg, Hachenburg, Selters, Wallmerod, Westerburg, Wirges (Westerwald district)
  • Chassis Type MAN TGM 18.320 4×4, Single wheel
  • Wheelbase 3,600 mm
  • Performance 235 kW / 320 HP
  • Total weight 16,000 kg
  • Water tank 4,000 l
  • Foam Tank 500 l
  • Cabin / Crew Original MAN with extended drivers cab, 1 + 2

Additional Special Equipment

  • ALPAS superstructure of the latest generation
  • Z-Control of the latest generation
  • Pneumatic light mast with 4 LED-headlights atthe rear of the vehicle
  • Pump & Roll operation with front spray bar
  • Extensive additional loading

For more information on ZIEGLER delivers six new TLF 4000 visit https://www.ziegler.de

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