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ZIEGLER delivers seven FLF to Greece

by Marcus
ZIEGLER delivers seven FLF to Greece

ZIEGLER delivers seven FLF to Greece

In total seven FLF 60/70-9+250 P “Advancer” were delivered by ZIEGLER Group to seven different FRAPORT Regional Airports of Greece. These ZIEGLER FLF will be used for firefighting and rescue at the Airports of the famous Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, Samos, Lesvos, Kefalonia and Kavala (mainland).

The vehicles are built on a Mercedes-Benz 6×6 chassis and combine all ZIEGLER specific advantages of the ALPAS superstructure, the crew airconditioned ZIEGLER cabin Z-Cab and the own manufactured ZIEGLER pump FPN 10-6000-2H.

Equipped with a water tank of 7,000 l capacity, a foam tank with 900 l capacity and an additional 250 kg powder extinguishing system.

ZIEGLER delivers seven FLF to Greece

Technical Data

Type: Advancer FLF 60/70-9+250 P

Customer: FRAPORT Regional Airports of Greece

Chassis Type: Mercedes-Benz 3353 6×6 AROCS

Wheelbase: 4,450 + 1,450 mm

Performance: 530HP / 390kW

Total weight: 29,000 kg

Pump: FPN 10-6000-2H

Water tank: 7,000 l

Foam tank: 900 l

Powder extinguishing system: PLA 250

Cabin / Crew: ZIEGLER Z-Cab, 1+1+4

Additional Special equipment

  • ZIEGLER foam proportioning system MAD 50
  • Fireco light mast
  • Z-Control
  • ALCO roof turret APF-5 with powder pipe
  • AKRON front turretFireFox
  • Self-protection device
  • Air conditioning for driver/crewcab
  • Reversing assistant

For more information visit www.ziegler.de/en/

ZIEGLER delivers seven FLF to Greece

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