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ZIEGLER delivers 90 HLF 20 to German Armed Forces

by Marcus
ZIEGLER delivers 90 HLF 20 to the German Armed Forces

ZIEGLER delivers 90 HLF 20 to BwFuhrparkService GmbH for the German Armed Forces.

ZIEGLER is awarded the contract for the delivery of a total of 90 firefighting vehicles (HLF 20) to BwFuhrparkService GmbH. In addition, there is the option of supplying a further 9 vehicles. All vehicles will be used by the German armed forces.

The vehicles will be built on a MAN TGM 18.320 4×4 chassis. Among other things,the vehicles with an engine power of 320 HP are equipped with a 2,500-liter water tank, a 150-liter foam tank and the latest generation of ALPAS and Z-Control.

The German Armed Forces have been relying on ZIEGLER’s expertise in their fleet for many decades. The previously delivered vehicles were procured by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr for Equipment, Information Technology and Utilization. In total, several hundred ZIEGLER vehicles of various types have already been put into service, including Z6, Z8, forest firefighting and building firefighting vehicles as well as UTA multipurpose vehicles.

“We are extremely pleased that we can now continue the already existing good cooperation with the German Army with this order and together with our partner BwFuhrparkService GmbH, and we are proud that the German Army continues to rely on ZIEGLER products. We are already looking forward to the deliveries of the first vehicles next year”, says Markus W. Weber, Director German Salesat ZIEGLER Group.

Basic Information

  • Type: HLF 20
  • Customer: BwFuhrparkService GmbH for the German Army
  • Chassis Type: MAN TGM 18.320 4×4
  • Wheelbase: 4,200 mm
  • Engine Power: 260 kW / 320HP
  • Exhaust Emmision Standard: EURO6
  • Total weight :18,000 kg
  • Foam tank : 500 l
  • Water tank: 2,500 l
  • Pump: ZIEGLER FPN 10-3000-1
  • Vehicle dimensions: 8,000 x 2,500x 3,300 mm
  • Cabin /Crew: Z-Cab / 1+8

Other Special Equipment

  • Z-Control of the latest generation
  • ALPAS of the latest generation
  • Front turret ZIEGLER Viper
  • Lightmast
  • Hydraulic life-saving equipment
  • ZIEGLER Foam System 24
  • Cable winch

For more information visit https://www.ziegler.de

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