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ZIEGLER delivers 310 Ultra Power 4 pumps

by Marcus
ZIEGLER delivers 310 Ultra Power 4 portable fire pumps

ZIEGLER delivers 310 Ultra Power 4 portable fire pumps to BBK and receives another major order at the same time

ZIEGLER Group will deliver a total of 310 PFPN 10-1500 (ZIEGLER Ultra Power 4) portable fire pumps to the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).

ZIEGLER was already awarded the contract for another large order for 122 units with the option for an additional 242 units in December 2020. Thus, ZIEGLER Group will have delivered at least 432portable fire pumps Ultra Power 4 to the BBK by the end of next year.

ZIEGLER Ultra Power 4

With 1,900 l / min, the ZIEGLER UP 4 is the most powerful portable pump ofits class. It is ergonomically optimized and easy to operate thanks to its automatic centrifugal clutch. The patented venting system TROKOMAT vents the pump automatically.

For the lightning underside, two Resolux 199 LED lights illuminate the working path to the job site.

ZIEGLER Ultra Power 4 portable pump
ZIEGLER Ultra Power 4 portable pump

The first tender for the procurement of the portable fire pumps was published by the BMI’s procurement office in 2018 and a total of 170 Ultra Power 4were delivered in 2018 and 2019. In January 2020, 100 additional portable fire pumps were delivered to the BBK, and the remaining 40 UP 4 were delivered in March 2021.

The first three UP 4 of the second major order were also delivered in March 2021 and the remaining 119 portable fire pumps will be handed over in the course of 2022. The optional additional 242 Ultra Power 4 would be delivered in 2023 to 2024 if required.

For more information visit www.ziegler.de/en/

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