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ZICO Launches New Line of Brackets

Created on Monday, January 8, 2018 and posted in Product News
ZICO Launches New Line of Brackets

ZICO Launches New Line of Brackets: Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) introduces Slotted Variable Mounts, a new line of brackets for the mounting of handheld tools, designed to provide improved flexibility and customization when laying out and mounting to 1”x1” tool board grids.

With their easy-to-use slotted bases, Slotted Variable Mounts eliminate the positioning restrictions of pre-drilled holes and increase total mounting options, even allowing for diagonal mounting—something difficult to do with “track” style boards.

“There wasn’t a lot you could do with tool and track boards. There was a rigidness there. You either mounted the tools horizontally or you mounted them vertically or maybe a little of both. The holes only lined up so many ways,” said Brian McGinty, Chief Engineer. “With our new Slotted Variable Mounts, it’s such a simple change, but one that I think can really open up the options for departments looking to get the best use of the space they’re given on the apparatus.”

Mount bases are solid cast aluminum that will not crack, break, or pull free from the wall like some vinyl brands. Flexible draw latches are thick, UV-stabilized rubber capable of withstanding time in harsh outdoor environments. Each draw latch secures a range of tool diameters.

For more information on the ZICO new line of brackets call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit

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