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Zico EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards

by Greg Preston
Zico EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards

Zico EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards supplied by Ziamatic

Zico EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards are a better, faster, more comfortable way to out fit your compartments.

The EZ-MOUNT Tool Board Process:

  1. Lay out and mount all of your tool and equipment brackets to the tool board while sitting comfortably at your workbench—no twisting, turning, or reaching around the confines of the compartment over and over again
  2. Using our powerful EZ-MOUNT adhesive kit, place a stud in each corner of the compartment, lined up with the holes in the corners of your tool board
  3. When adhesive has cured and your tool board is ready, simply slide the entire board over the studs and secure each corner. It’s that easy!

Why use EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards?

  • A fast, easy, strain-free layout and mounting process
  • Neat & clean installation
  • Eliminates drilling/tapping, which exposes the core to moisture and leaks
  • Eliminates risk of inadvertent drilling damage to walls or the water tank and expensive repair
  • Want to change your layout? All you have to do is pull out the board, re-arrange the tools, and slide it back in
  • Swap entire boards between same-size compartments by just sliding a board off one set of studs and sliding it onto another!

Boards are 1/4″ thick with 1″ on center grid pattern. Corner holes are pre-drilled for mounting. Spacers included.

Models Available:

  • Aluminum Peg Board 20″ x 28″ – Model QM-PB-20-28
  • Aluminum Peg Board 24″ x 28″ – Model QM-PB-24-28
  • Aluminum Peg Board 23″ x 30″ – Model QM-PB-23-30
  • EZ-MOUNT Tool Board Adhesive Kit w/ Studs – Model QM-PB-KIT-6

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Zico EZ-MOUNT Tool Boards supplied by Ziamatic

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