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Ziamatic Universal Deck Mount

by Greg Preston
Ziamatic Universal Deck Mount

Ziamatic Universal Deck Mount Supplied by Ziamatic

The Ziamatic Universal Deck Mount helps secure larger, heavier equipment like box fans, hydraulic pumps, and beverage coolers with this adjustable deck mount.

Features rugged aluminium framing and wide nylon straps with easy to operate plastic buckles.

Assembly and Mounting

Warning: To avoid apparatus damage and/or personal injury, check for hidden wires, hydraulic/pneumatic lines, etc. before drilling any holes.

Note: If the equipment to be secured is very large, it may be easier to do preliminary fitting and adjustment outside of the compartment before mounting bracket inside.

1. Lay out the two Bars to match the approximate depth of the equipment to be mounted. Rest equipment
on Bars and adjust fit as needed.
2. Place the two Angles crosswise to the Bars, to match the approximately width of the equipment. They should be set as close to the equipment as adjustment holes will allow.
3. Finalize the positioning of the Bars and Angles and fasten them together using the 1/4-20 Screws, 1/4″ Flat Washers, and 1/4″ Split Lock Washers provided.
4. Fasten the Universal Deck Mount to the vehicle using 1/4″ hardware (not included).
5. Attach the Generator Mount Straps to Angles and adjust accordingly. Straps should be pulled tight around equipment with buckles positioned for easy access.

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More information can be found in the Ziamatic manual: www.ziamatic.com

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Ziamatic Universal Deck Mount supplied by Ziamatic

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