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Z6 HYBRIDdrive

by Marcus
Z6 HYBRIDdrive

Z6 HYBRIDdrive supplied by ZIEGLER

Green. Fast. Reliable.

Climate protection and environmental awareness are fundamental values of today’s industry. Many companies already incorporate these into their work and production on a daily basis. At ZIEGLER, too, sustainability is an elementary component of the Corporate Strategy.

ZIEGLER has also made it its business to ensure that there are no performance losses when new technologies in the spirit of environmental awareness are being developed. With the presentation of the first Z6 with HYBRIDdrive Technology, ZIEGLER is once again setting a milestone in the revolution of Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles.

Three different drive systems

The Z6 HYBRIDdrive can be driven in three different ways: Exclusively with an electric motor, conventionally with combustion engine (diesel) or with HYBRIDdrive Technology. In the latter, the electric motor and cumbustion engine work hand in hand in an intelligent network. This means that the Z6 HYBRIDdrive is usually powered purely electrically at airports. Depending on the driving profile, a corresponding range even allows over 80% of the journeys to be made electrically.

When it comes to an operation where every single second count, the Z6 HYBRIDdrive really comes to its own. The electric motor and combustion engine accelerate the 39 ton vehicle, to its top speed without competition. Here, the values are on a par with an 8×8 chassis with diesel drive.

If the battery should ever be empty and has to be charged, the full drive power of the diesel engine of a conventional Z6 is available as usual. In contrast to the market, ZIEGLER does not follow the downsizing trend here and thus ensures full and long-lasting reliability for the operation.

Should the power of the electric motor not be available, all normative requirements are still met. Thus, ZIEGLER has solved the challenge of developing the world’s best alternative drive concept for Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles. It combines aspects of sustainability, is faster than any somparable product and ensures the usual relieable operation.

At one glance: The five most important facts about the Z6 HYBRIDdrive

  • Unrivaled acceleration values during an alarm drive: the intervention time is at the level of an 8×8 chassis
  • Emission-free driving during movement or contril drives (up to 40 km/h)
  • Conventional operation (diesel) is retained without restriction (standards and norms are thus fully complied with)
  • Tried-and-tested SCANIA system components, resulting in high operational reliability and optimum spare parts supply
  • ZIEGLER thus contributes to “Green Airports” and adds value for airport operators


Z6 HYBRIDdrive supplied by ZIEGLER

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