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by Marcus

Yu Siang Shun Co., LTD established in 2009 is a research and design manufacturer of firefighting equipment in Taiwan. All our products meet every firefighter’s need much.
Our team of research and design dedicate themselves into development and enhancing the quality of firefighting equipment found in this industry. We expect to provide safer and better equipment of firefighting and rescue by innovation and technique. According to this aim, all of our products are produced by a series of strict procedure of quality control. Furthermore, many our products own the patent in many countries.
Our company not only provides a variety of innovative products to meet customers’ needs but also tailors specialty to particular needs.
Yu Siang Shun Corp., Ltd. is one of fire fighting equipments manufactures in Taiwan, and it has the branch offices of Xiamen Yu Siang Shun Firefighting Equipment Ltd and Chengde Yu Siang Shun Firefighting Equipment Ltd in China.
General manager Mr.Wu of Yu Siang Shun Company has the deep memory about the raging fire over ten years ago. An unknown fire burned his company that was located at Taoyuan county of Taiwan before.
Mr. Wu could just do nothing when the fire burned his company. But the fire fighting system was not enough good to fight fire. Therefore, Mr. Wu feels suffered when people and firefighters are burned at fire due to bad fire equipment.
Then, he focuses on his energy to research fire equipment to avoid the tragedy not to happen again. More and more high buildings are in the city. Some roads of historical sites and old community are too narrow for the fire engine.
Fire is still a potential risk for people. Life is treasure and we should cherish it.
As we know, the fire does not be put out in five minutes that will cause serious harm.
SEMAT fire fighting equipments of Yu Siang Shun are easy to be brought to fire sites. They will help firefighters put out the fire in short time to reduce life risk and asset.
It’s not necessary to fight if no war and fire. It is very dangerous when firefighters put out the fire.
Fire is a terrible monster that can run?jump?roll up and down. Sometime fire becomes flashover or deflagration. Therefore, firefighters are so brave to fight fire for saving people. We look forward to our high performance which SEMAT fire extinguisher helps firefighters and people to put out fire as soon as possible. To reduce the fire risk is our mission.

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