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Xenon launch marks the start of a new era in fire and rescue garments

by Marcus
Xenon Launch

The launch of a new range of multifunctional garments by a leading UK manufacturer has raised the bar for protective clothing designed for the UK’s fire and rescue services.  The new Xenon range from Ballyclare Limited offers a comprehensive collection of multi-layered and multi-purpose firefighter clothing which has been created as a result of the company’s flexible and dedicated approach to supporting this important market sector.

“We know from listening to our customers their needs continue to evolve, and that manufacturers such as ourselves must always look to do more if we are to satisfy those needs effectively,” explains Ballyclare’s Fire Service Delivery Director, Richard Ballheimer “We recognize the solutions which were appropriate yesterday may not be appropriate for tomorrow, and so we talked to the fire and rescue market to find out exactly what they wanted from us. The Xenon range is the result.”

One of the key benefits of the Xenon range is the ‘free movement’ cut of the garments. “Durability and effective protection are obviously key requirements of fire and rescue clothing, but our research identified that comfort and free, easy movement were also essential,” adds Richard. “Taking our inspiration from the way premium sportswear garments are designed, we created the Xenon range so it answers that requirement by minimizing any bulky areas of the garments. This gives the wearer the maximum freedom of movement they need to carry out their duties effectively.” This full movement philosophy is also evident in other features such as the shoulder design paneling of the various jackets, which allows the arm to be raised and rotated without lifting the tunic.

“The exceptionally high-risk nature of fire and rescue work means only the highest-quality, most effective firefighting suits can provide the necessary level of protection, and so quality was another key requirement of the Xenon range.”, adds Richard. “Practicality was also a prime requisite, so we’ve added many other features to the different garments, including quick release zips, velcro fastenings, easily accessible pockets and textured grab patches at various points to aid the user when they’re wearing gloves.

“We create structural firefighter suits, specialist firefighter kit and firefighter uniforms for many fire and rescue bodies.” concludes Richard. “We’re also the proud holders of a Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, so we’re ideally placed to take on the challenge of designing an advanced range of garments like Xenon, and we’re keen to show the UK’s fire and rescue professionals that we’ve taken their comments on board and created something really special.”

Xenon garments are available in both male and female version, plus a variety of fabric options and colourways to suit individual applications and requirements. As with all Ballyclare personal protective equipment, they are approved to the required national and international safety standards governing performance and quality of manufacture.

For more details, please visit the Ballyclare website at www.ballyclarelimited.com

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