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X380 Thermal Imaging Camera

by Marcus

The X380 Thermal Imaging Camera is the first complete solution for firefighting, combining our world-leading imaging performance with this rugged, small and lightweight design.

NEW Exclusive Cold Spot Tracker

This fantastic new feature on the X380 Thermal Imaging Camera allows first responders to locate and pin point thread or valve gas leaks, as gas in general will be colder in temperature than the environment surrounding it. This exclusive feature on the X-series has impressed firefighters lucky enough to have already tested it. It is predicated to be an extremely useful feature in everyday firefighting. To operate simply select the Cold Spot Tracker, a special cross hair will identify the coldest object in the scene, tracks it, and displays its relative temperature.
Hot Spot Tracker (patent pending)

Allows you to immediately identify the hottest or coldest part of the scene, giving you more decision making capability and further enhancing firefighter safety, our new cold spot tracker is ideal for spotting hazmat gas leaks.

Exclusive Intelligent Focus

Enables you to control the information you see as the TIC automatically adjusts dependant on the objects being viewed in the scene.

Full-size LCD

Utilizes a full-size 3.5″ LCD for maximum provision of scene information at all times.

100k Super High Resolution

Uses our world-famous infrared imaging technology to provide crisp and clear imaging performance in temperatures exceeding 2000F/1000F.


Assists with communication between team members.

Image Freeze

Review difficult and dangerous areas quick with one click of a button, review and share with exclusive click lock technology.

Custom Configuration

Available as a one button on/off configuration or three and five button configurations for added features.

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Record live video footage or capture still images with a single button press for fast and easy data collection, ideal for training or review at a later date.

Small & Lightweight

Weighs just 950g / 2.1 lbs and has 50% less volume than other TICs making it less cumbersome and easier to handle.

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