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World’s first ARFF with HYBRID DriveTechnology sold

by Marcus
World’s first ARFF with HYBRID DriveTechnology sold

World’s first ARFF with HYBRID DriveTechnology sold as ZIEGLER secures contract to deliver Z-Class to Cranfield Airport

ZIEGLER Group has announced its contract to supply the world’s first hybrid aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle to a customer. Cranfield Airport, owned by Cranfield University will be the first Airport to receive this first vehicle.

It is only 3 months after ZIEGLER has announced the electrification of the game-changing Z-Class in June 2022.

The Z6 HYBRID Drive by ZIEGLER is a6x6 ARFF which can drive in three modes. Pure electrical mode; combined electric and combustion mode; and purely with a conventional, low emission engine.

“It’s the perfect concept for future airport firefighting: Combination of both –green airportsconceptand maximum power for the rapid deployment”, said Angus Yan, CSO of ZIEGLER Group. This award will change the sector of the aviation firefighting appliance in general by implementing the latest state of the art technology of ZIEGLER and boosts Cranfield Airport’s decarbonising activity.

“Cranfield Airport is used to ground-breaking projects in areas such as our Digital Air Traffic Control Centre, the integration of manned and unmanned aircraft and enabling the future of electric and hydrogen flight. This contract represents another milestone on our support to the zero carbon aviation agenda.”, said Rob Abbott, Cranfield Airport Director.

Cranfield Airport’s new Z-Class HYBRIDdrive will be manufactured at the headquarters of ZIEGLER in Giengen/Brenz and then sent to West Yorkshire-based Venari, exclusive agent of ZIEGLER in the UK, for finalisation such as stowage fitment, communications instalments and livery. Venari will also take over the service activities in the future.

Starting from 2021, Venari and ZIEGLER joined forces to actively introduce the Z-Class to the UK market. “The 2021 UK Z-Class launch essentially provided the UK aviation firefighting industry with much needed competition at a time when innovation was required. But, to respond to requests for further advancements –to allow airports to improve operational performance whilst achieving increased environmental targets inparallel –has shown the unbelievably high quality of our partner, ZIEGLER.”, said Oliver North, CEO of Venari Group.

Fabian Schmidt, Product Manager ARFF vehicles at ZIEGLER adds: “After several years of continuous development of our Z-Class, we feel confident that our new Z6 HYBRIDDrive will prove to be a firm favourite for the UK airport fire and rescue services, not only to achieve tough environmental targets, but to improve overall operational effectiveness.”

Technical data for the Z6 HYBRIDDrive

  • Chassis Type – Titan T39-770 6×6 HYBRIDdrive
  • Motor and engine power
  • Consumption engine:
    Scania DC16 386, V8-Cylinder, 16.4 Liter,566 kW / 770 HP
  • Electric system
    Scania Electric-Power-Train 230 kW(Continuous), 280 kW (Peak)Lithium-Ion Battery with104 kWh
  • HYBRIDdrive parameters
    Total output max. 846 Kw / 1150 HP
  • Emission Stage – Emission free in electric drive mode / Stage V
  • Gearbox – Kessler LV3000-PTO
  • Acceleration – 0-80 km/h in < 25 seconds
  • Top Speed – > 130 km/h


  • Permissible weight – 39,000 kg
  • Measurements – 11.700 x 3.000 x 3.800 mm
  • Cabin/Crew – Z-Cab AiR / 1+3
  • Water tank – Up to 12,500 l
  • Foam tank – 1,500 l
  • Pump – ZIEGLER FPN 10-10000-1M
  • Roof turret – ZT 8000
  • Front turret – ALCO APF3
  • Extinguishing powder – 250 kg Powder extinguishing system
  • Admixing system – Foam System EAD

Special equipment

  • Z-Control of the latest generation
  • Z-Vision
  • Light mast with 8 LED-Spotlights 24V/50 W
  • Rear view camera
  • Rapid intervention hose reel water-foam
  • Rapid intervention hose reel powder
  • ZIEGLER Self protection system

For more information visit https://www.ziegler.de

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