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World Rescue Challenge 2021 Virtual Event

by Marcus
World Rescue Challenge 2021 Virtual Event
  • Dates: 26/11/2021 > 27/11/2021
  • Venue: Virtual
  • Event Website: www.wrescue.org/

Like for so many others, the Covid-19 forced the cancellation of many events including our World Rescue Challenge due to take place in Miami, Florida in November 2020, and then again for the rescheduled event for the same venue in 2021. In order not to lose momentum and maintain the continuing training and development facility that the WRO and its members provide, the WRO executive proposed to run for the very first time a Virtual World Rescue Challenge Event.

November 2021 will see the virtual event take place which will see virtual immersive training and learning for participants. There will also be sponsors content, forums and information throughout the course of the event.

WRO has been created to assist with the dissemination of emergency rescue and medical techniques, practices and procedures to aid the effective management of Road Traffic Collisions and trauma care for all of those involved.

The “World Rescue Organisation” as it is known now was formed in October 1999. The inaugural meeting of the “World Council of Rescue Organisations” as it was previously known, was held in Melbourne, Australia.

The WRO draws on the experience of its member organisations and our partners to develop national bodies.The WRO produces training programmes and initiatives that assist rescue and medical crews whilst working in the post-crash environment.

The WRO is open to collaborating with various organisations, corporate and NGOs to promote sustainable safer roads for all users. The World Rescue Organisation is governed and managed by an Executive Committee and the WRO Committee which is made up of representatives of all the member organisations.

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