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Wolflite H-4DCA

by Marcus
Wolflite H-4DCA

Wolflite H-4DCA supplied by Wolf Safety

The Wolflite H-4DCA primary cell powered safety handlamp is one of the latest versions of the highly successful, industry standard range of Wolflite Ex handlamps and safety torches, from The Wolf Safety Lamp Company.

Approved by BASEEFA, the Wolflite H-4DCA has been ‘CE’ marked in compliance with the 94/9/EC ‘Explosive Atmospheres’ (ATEX) Directive, for use in a wide range of potentially explosive gases, vapours, mists and dusts. Conformance to the ATEX Directive will reassure the user that the H-4DCA handlamp has been designed and approved to the very latest editions and interpretations of the relevant European Standards, that it complies with all ‘Essential Safety Requirements’, and has been designed with due regard to state-of-the-art technology. The Wolflite H-4DCA also has a Lloyd’s Type Approval certificate for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in marine applications.

The Wolflite H-4DCA lamp is constructed from a new, exceptionally robust and highly durable thermoplastic material, well able to withstand the effects of heavy industrial use. In addition to this, the material is anti-static, preventing the build up of potentially dangerous electro-static charges. A 6mm thick, toughened, scratch resistant glass lens with rubber seal, together with a second seal fitted at the lens ring and lamp body joint, ensure that the lamp is protected from ingress of dusts and liquids and can therefore be used in the dustiest and wettest conditions possible.

The outstanding light output from this relatively small and compact handlamp is achieved with the use of a high output, high efficiency halogen bulb, rated at 4.8V 0.5A, focused within a 100mm diameter parabolic reflector. This provides the user with an extremely well defined beam of intense white colour.

The Wolflite H-4DCA handlamp has been approved for use with alkaline manganese, zinc chloride or zinc carbon primary cells. The use of alkaline manganese cells is recommended because of their significantly greater capacity, delivering a brighter white light for up to 20 hours duration from one set of cells; by comparison, nearly four times the duration of zinc D cells. The H-4DCA is supplied complete with a convenient removable shoulder strap.

Technical Specification
2.4w spot beam (approx 3.5°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 960lux.

Wolflite H-4DCA supplied by Wolf Safety

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