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Wolflite H-251ALED

by Marcus
Wolflite H-251ALED

Wolflite H-251ALED supplied by Wolf Safety

Updated in December 2021, the H-251ALED ATEX Zone 1 rechargeable handlamp emits up to 210 lumens (at source) from its powerful new long-life LED light source.

Extremely robust and reliable, it is ideal for use in harsh, hazardous area environments. The scratch and impact resistant lens is made from 6mm toughened glass, and the body and lens ring are moulded in highly resilient thermoplastic material to withstand the drops and impacts expected from heavy industrial use – even at sub-zero temperatures.

The electrostatic non-hazardous body material ensures there is no risk of a dangerous build-up of static charges. The enclosure is sealed to IP66, preventing the ingress of dust and protecting against powerful water jets.

The latest updates to the Wolflite H-251ALED Rechargeable Handlamp, using the latest state-of-the art high powered LED light sources, have enabled an unprecedented increase in performance with light output almost doubling – increasing from 107 lumens to 210 lumens (at source)!

The highly reliable sealed lead acid battery pack is enhanced with electronic control and protection, and is rendered intrinsically safe by the use of a fast switching short-circuit protection circuit. A low voltage cut-off feature automatically switches the lamp off when all useful battery capacity has been used, protecting the battery from deep discharge damage.

An emergency illumination function illuminates the handlamp if power to the charger is cut.

Features & Benefits

  • CE marked to ATEX Directive Explosive gas, vapour and mist certified for zones 1 & 2, up to T4 temperature class
  • Dust ignition protected for zones 21 and 22, for dusts with ignition temperatures over 170°C
  • LED light source gives increased light output and battery duration
  • Electronic current limited battery with power fail operation and deep discharge protection
  • Robust anti-static thermoplastic lamp enclosure
  • IP 66 ingress protection
  • For use with C-251HV/LV Chargers
  • Suitable for cyclic and short term standby applications (for long term see Wolflite XT Rechargeable LED Handlamp and Rechargeable Torch)

Wolflite H-251ALED supplied by Wolf Safety

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