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Wolf Turns Up The Temperature On Power Solutions

by Marcus

Wolf Safety, the world’s leading manufacturer of hazardous area portable and temporary lighting, turns up the temperature on its temporary LED task lighting and power distribution solutions for use in extremely hot ambient atmospheres, plus obtains IECEx International Equipment Certification for Explosive Atmospheres for all its GRP Transformers.

Wolf’s lighting and power distribution solutions are now the first choice for high ambient temperature applications found in hot environments in the Middle East, Far East and Africa, particularly in metal tanks and enclosed structures absorbing the sun’s heat. Now Wolf has certification for a temperature class rating of T4 with an upper operating ambient temperature of 55°C for its new 250VA Transformers and Low Voltage LinkEx™ LED Floodlite (18-54V).

The low voltage high performance, lightweight, portable LinkEx™LED Floodlite (18-54V) also has a raised maximum operating ambient temperature from 50°C to 55°C, plus maximum external surface temperature for dust protection is lowered from 103°C to 87°C and the cable temperature rise is reduced from 61°C to 34°C. Overall, the unit is now ‘cooler’ running and much more efficient resulting in greater flexibility and safety for hazardous area users.

By reducing the available power from 400VA to 250VA, Wolf’s new 250VA Transformers with GRP enclosures can achieve a T4 temperature class rating with a +55°C ambient, allowing the equipment to be safely used in a wider range of gas and dust hazards and hot explosive atmospheres. Plus Wolf’s full range of ATEX 250VA and 400VA Transformers all have ATEX and now IECEx certification confirming compliance with international IEC standards.

Alex Jackson, Wolf Safety Managing Director comments “In combining the IECEx certification and new ATEX 250VA Transformer with LinkEx™ LED Floodlites, we can now offer Low Voltage LinkEx™ Tank Lighting internationally to deliver high quality task lighting within a high ambient temperature hazardous area – all with an operating ambient temperature of up to 55°C and a T4 temperature class. We strive to make our solutions accessible to all end users, whatever the hazardous area environment, and will announce further temperature improvements later this year for the LinkEx™ temporary lighting range.”

All equipment is CE marked to the 94/9/EC ATEX Equipment Directive and IECEx certified for safe use in Zones 1 and 21 hazardous areas where potentially explosive gases, vapours, mists and dusts may be present in a confined space.

Please visit www.wolf-safety.co.uk for detailed technical information.

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