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Wolf TR-65 torch gives firefighters choice of three power modes

by Marcus
Wolf TR-65 torch gives firefighters choice of three power modes

The days when safety torches sacrificed performance are gone, with Wolf Safety now linking high power with absolute safety.

Leaders in portable and temporary lighting for safe use in hazardous areas, including potentially explosive atmospheres, Wolf have developed the TR-65 compact right angle primary cell torch, offering high performance with a choice of three power modes.

With a market leading, peak tested light output of 300 lumens emitted, no safety torch illuminates more brightly. Four AA batteries power three output modes from a slide switched, high efficiency microchip circuit:

  • Slide once and the light comes on at 10% power, strong enough to see at close range and to be seen by in low light conditions, offering over 150 hours of light output; that’s more than six days of continuous light;
  • A second slide of the switch brings up medium power at a peak of 150 lumens emitted, providing a highly useable light for 14 hours;
  • Slide again to select full power, with 300 lumens emitted for seven hours, providing great visibility in maintenance and rescue activities.

This leading edge torch, fully certified to EN and IECEx standards and compliant with the ATEX Directive for use in Zone 0 and 21 explosive gas and dust environments, offers firefighters greater functionality in a lightweight, compact package.
Its beam pattern provides a good balance between intensity and size of spot beam, combined with a wide angle flood of emitted fringe light.

When the unit’s battery level reaches15% a warning indicator begins flashing continuously and the beam is interrupted momentarily once every five seconds.

All the best features of the company’s renowned safety torch range have been retained in the TR-65 as well as in the new TR-60 right angle torch, a more economical, single power mode alternative.

Certified for use in ATEX Zone 1 and 21 explosive gas and dust environments, the TR-60 provides an impressive output of 200 lumens from its single power setting.

For technical details visit: www.wolfsafety.com

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