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Wolf Safety Midi Torch M-85 Zones 0

by Marcus
Wolf Safety Midi Torch M-85 Zones 0

M-85 Zones 0 & 20 Midi Torch Reliable, Robust, LED, High Intensity

Wolf Safety announces the introduction of the new ATEX LED M-85 Midi Torch, a new Zone 0 and 20 high power primary cell LED Midi pocket torch for use in potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres.

ATEX and IECEx certified, the high powered LED light source gives light output up to 189 lumens.  The bespoke optics deliver a high intensity narrow beam with a lower output wide angle fringe light, making the new M-85 Midi Torch ideal for inspection and maintenance work in conditions of darkness or reduced visibility. The new Midi torch is safe for use in Zones 0 (gas groups IIC/ T3/4) and 20 (dust group IIIB / T200°C), has a gas ambient temperature range from -40°C, to +40°C and is approved for Group I M1 mining areas.

This single-handed push button switch has a rubberised switch cover and raised surface to allow easy operation even with gloved hands.

The strong, durable torch body enclosure has excellent chemical resistant properties and a proven impact resistance, even at sub zero temperatures. The rubber armoured lens ring gives enhanced grip and shock protection with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens providing excellent resistance to impact damage. Sealed dust tight and protected from water immersion, the M-85 has an IP67 rated enclosure. The straight body configuration has an anti-roll foot allowing it to be placed securely on its base or side without rolling.

The Midi Torch has battery duration of up to 7 hours and the high power LED light source is ‘fitted for life’. Internal construction is a one-piece assembly with LED, circuit, switch and battery cassette for easy replacement of the 4 AA alkaline primary cells. Certain specified AA cells allow the torch to be used in T4 gas atmospheres.

Alex Jackson, Wolf Safety’s Managing Director comments “The new M-85 demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our product range to meet the needs of our customers.  This latest addition to our range of ATEX and IECEx approved temporary lighting products has the additional benefit of being certified to zones 0 and 20 whilst maintaining the robustness, reliability, high powered LED light output and all other benefits of the highly popular M-80 which it replaces”

New Wolf Safety Catalogue 2017
Wolf Safety Catalogue 2017

Wolf Safety are also pleased to announce that our new product brochure is now available to download, please click the link below to to see our range of Portable and Temporary Lighting and Power Distribution products for potentially explosive atmospheres.

For more information visit www.wolf-safety.co.uk

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