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Wolf Safety Launches the New LinkEx™ WF-300XL LED Floodlite

by Marcus
Wolf Safety Launches the New LinkEx™ WF-300XL LED Floodlite

Wolf Safety Launches the New LinkEx™ WF-300XL LED Floodlite. The world’s leading manufacturer of hazardous area portable and temporary lighting, announces the launch of the NEW LinkEx™ WF-300XL LED Floodlite. ATEX and IECEx certified, as well as OPIS compliant, the WF-300XL is a high performance, robust and lightweight portable floodlite for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres.

Following long term close co-operation with end-users around the world, the new LinkEx™ WF-300®XL LED Floodlite is designed specifically for the conditions faced by operators in the harshest environments. Certified for safe use in Zone 1, T4, IIc, -40°C to +55°C ambient, hazardous gas, vapour, mist or dust environments, the WF-300®XL delivers up to 6,378lm of bright, white light from highly reliable LEDs which have been designed to give 100,000+ hours life – the LEDs’ life being assured by efficient heat dissipation and electronic thermal control.

Designed for environments with a high risk of mechanical damage, the Floodlite is produced in Sheffield from proven materials, doesn’t harbour dirt and is easy to clean. The innovative design ensures easy maintenance, quick and easy disassembly and allows for virtually all parts to be replaced should it become necessary – including drivers and LEDs.

Available in both low and high voltage options, the high voltage version can be fitted with a LinkEx™ socket to enable up to 20 lights to be linked together in a daisy chain – all powered from a single power.

The WF-300®XL is designed to complement Wolf Safety’s existing range of LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires, transformers, splitter boxes and extensions to provide a complete Hazardous Area temporary lighting system.

Alex Jackson, Wolf’s Managing Director, commented “Safety is, as always, of the utmost importance and we are particularly pleased with the new Floodlite’s safety features. Wolf’s unique SOVI system lets the operator know if the light is running outside the certified and optimal voltage ranges and the Floodlite is additionally certified safe down to 0 volts. Also, the independent LED panels and driver systems provide failsafe reliability – ensuring operators are never left in the dark. These safety features, combined with the class leading light output and many other innovative features, make this a very special product and one that everybody at Wolf is rightly proud of.”

For more information on Wolf Safety Launches the New LinkEx™ WF-300XL LED Floodlite visit www.wolfsafety.com

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