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Wolf Safety Helmet Mounted Torch Bracket

by Marcus
M-60 and M-660 Helmet Mount kits

Wolf Safety Helmet Mounted Torch Bracket Demonstration

A short demonstration of how to operate the M-660 Wolf Safety helmet bracket, to be used with the Wolf Mini & Micro range of torches. Using the helmet bracket enables hands free lighting, so your hands are free for use in Hazardous Area work tasks.

The M-660 and M-680 Helmet Mount kits allow Wolf Safety’s Mini and Midi torches to be mounted on Centurion helmets or helmets with a Euro 30 slot.

The strong and versatile M-660 and M-680 helmet brackets are designed to allow the Wolf M-20, M-40 and M-60 Mini torches, and the M-85 Midi torch, to be attached to Centurion helmets or helmets with a Euro 30 slot.

Allowing hands free use in the Hazardous Area, use of the bracket with a Mini or Midi torch means you are not restricted to the typical flood beam pattern of most head torches – you have the flexibility to choose the right beam pattern and light output for the specific application. When attached to the helmet, the M-60, with it’s tight spot beam, is particularly useful when walking or gaining hands free access through restricted entrances. If illumination is needed for a more prolonged period, the 10 hour battery duration of the M-40 would be the ideal choice. Where high levels of light are required, the M-85, with it’s tight spot and a wide angle fringe beam, can easily be attached to the helmet.

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