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by Marcus

Wildfire Environmental, makes and delivers premium water handling equipment for wildland firefighters, agencies and governments worldwide. Its distribution network paired with branches in strategic locations throughout Canada and the United States, and with partners in international markets, provides the after-sales service which is of utmost importance in the wildland fire control industry.
First known as Watson Jack & Co. Ltd., the company established itself as a manufacturer in the 1920s with the WAJAX, a powerful 200-psi portable fire pump. In the many decades since, Wildfire has continued to work with fire fighters to produce first-rate products.
Best known for the MARK-3®, the benchmark in the high pressure portable centrifugal pumps, Wildfire also manufactures: skid units, fireline hardware, backpacks, drip torches, and other related water handling products. We also offer speciality fire hose, foam and portable water tanks.
The upshot of Wildfire’s recent management buy-out is a return to its roots as a manufacturer, driving a renewed emphasis on being the water handling experts. Wildfire is committed to the development of innovative wildland fire control products.

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