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by Marcus
WHP Trainingtowers

WHP Trainingtowers is the premier provider of Live Fire Training Towers and Burn Room Liners. We plan, construct and stand behind the strongest, most rugged metal structure in the fire training business. Our experience, quality and innovation can be seen in more than 400 training tower installations in 25 years.


The WHP Trainingtowers team has unparalleled experience in fire service and construction. Our background has prepared us to create a strong, safe and realistic fire training environment. We provide training towers built “For fire service professionals By fire service professionals.”


WHP has a long history of quality and innovation. Pioneered steel fire training buildings in 1980, offering an alternative to older costly concrete designs. WHP Trainingtowers continues to set the industry standard.


The steel panels used in our towers are strengthened by compound corrugations. This exclusive building system results in the most rugged training building on the market. Click here to learn about more Innovations.
Padgenite is one of the innovative materials used to prolong the life of our towers. Developed by our founder, Bernard Padgett, this high temperature thermal insulation has the look and feel of dry wall to create a realistic training environment.

To this end we have continued to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST RUGGED METAL TRAINING BUILDING AVAILABLE. And we have provided more of these than any other company in the world! We are constantly searching the market for innovations, improvements, new and better ways of doing things that will add value to the training experience.

We want to make a difference. That’s where our heart is. That’s what our goal is. To us, it’s a matter of integrity…ours.

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