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WHP First Alarm Two-Story Tower

by Marcus

WHP First Alarm Two-Story Tower

The WHP First Alarm Two-Story tower consists of a two-story tower attached to a single story annex for firefighter training. The entry-level simulator is designed with all of the features required to meet NFPA 1001 training requirements built into the system. Standard features include four single windows, three single doors and a temperature monitoring system. The Tower has a two-story interior stair and a ladder from the 2nd floor to a roof hatch. The Tower includes a parapet roof system and two rappelling anchors. The Annex houses a live fire burn room.

WHP specializes in customizing these training simulators.

Tower: 15’1″ x 18’6″ x 24’0″ (to top of parapet)

Annex: 15’1″ x 14’6″ x 10’0″

Standard Features

Window: 4 Single 3′ x 4′ Windows

Doors: 3 Single Doors

Burn Rooms: Annex Burn Room 15’1″ x 14’6″

Floor to Floor Height: 10’0″

Stairs/Ladders: Two-Story Interior Stair

Tower: Parapet Roof System

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