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What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn

by Marcus
What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn

What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn

The rescueDAYS in Paderborn was all about rescuing people after traffic accidents. Around 500 participants from over 30 nations took part in the world’s largest training event for technical rescue from October 6 to 10 2022. New this year was a group in which only firefighter-influencers took part.

“Many of the methods we used at the rescueDAYS I didn’t know before. I’ll take that with me and pass it on,” says Marleen Struckamp. She was part of the influencer group at this year’s rescueDAYS in Paderborn and is passing on the new knowledge not only to her fellow firefighters, but also to her fans and followers online. In order to further reach a young firefighter audience, the firefighting influencers moved around the stations in a separate group practicing rescuing people in a wide variety of accident situations, similar to the other participants, while creating engaging content for their fans.

At the 8 stations, correct handling of the equipment for technical assistance was taught and supplemented with experienced instructors giving their tips and knowledge from practice. In addition to the proven content of side impact, car on barrier, truck rescue, lifting, securing and stabilizing as well as chain rescue, this year’s training program included electromobility, new vehicle technologies and rear impact.

What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn
What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn

“The rescueDAYS are not just a training event, but an event that strengthens cohesion and networking by solving operational scenarios together. The participants pass on a lot of knowledge to each other and thus learn from each other through direct exchange,” explained Managing Director Bernhard Obermayr assuringly.

Latest battery technology and cutting technique in a practical test

The new rechargeable devices in the SMART-FORCE series and the revolutionary cutting technology SMOOTH-CUT were tested at the rescueDAYS event. Internationally, the use of battery technology is already very widespread. “Hydraulic rescue equipment powered by rechargeable batteries is in no way inferior to hose-bound equipment in terms of performance. Often there are still reservations that come from the old battery technology. With the new battery technology, we can ease these concerns for firefighters,” says instructor Tim Heyne.  

Crashing on a grand scale

Around 175 vehicles were deformed for the training at the stations. The WEBER CRASH SYSTEM was also used. In the system, vehicles are statically fixed and deformed via four cylinders with different punches. By adjusting the pressure, different degrees of destruction can be simulated. Accident scenarios are thus simulated much more realistically without endangering the machine operators or having to call in construction machinery. The system is mounted on a roll-off subframe so that it can be transported by a swap-body truck.

Zero series vehicles and latest vehicle technology

Zero series vehicles from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Renault were also used for the training. Insight into state-of-the-art vehicle technology was provided at one of the theoretical lession stations. The opportunity to take a closer look at a Porsche Taycan, as well as vehicles from the VW ID3 and BMW iX brands, were enthusiastically welcomed by the participants. New vehicle technologies, high-strength materials in the bodies and modern safety equipment present firefighters with completely new challenges when rescuing people. This makes it all the more important for emergency services to keep their knowledge up to date in this area.

What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn
What happened at rescueDays 2022 in Paderborn

Supporting program: trade exhibition and symposium

Parallel to the practical stations, the rescueDAY symposium took place on Friday and Saturday with interesting technical presentations and renowned experts from the firefighting world. In the accompanying trade exhibition, a total of 21 companies showed their extensive product range in the field of firefighting equipment.


“The event was once again a great and instructive event after a two-year break thanks to committed participants and our motivated trainers. Thanks to all those who contributed in the background through a lot of work before, during and after the training,” instructor Torsten Weber sums up. See you in rescueDays 2023 at the Bostalsee. You can register for it in the spring.

Further information at: https://www.weber-rescue.com

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