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Weber Rescue Systems

Telephone: +43 7255 6237-0    Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

Head Office:  WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH, Emil Weber Platz 1, 4460 Losenstein, Austria


WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS is an internationally leading, innovative manufacturer of high-quality equipment for technical rescue operations. The wide range of our products are used in numerous areas. Mainly fire brigades but also national agencies, USAR teams, police and military forces are among our customers. We also provide our high-quality tools for various industrial applications, e.g., as in demolition and recycling plants.

New vehicle technologies and continual development of new safety features in the vehicle industry are improving the protection of drivers and passengers. Those improvements are constantly presenting new challenges to the emergency services. For more than 40 years WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS has aligned to this trend and development with innovative and powerful rescue tools. We provide the right tools and equipment for any emergency situation. A comprehensive portfolio of accessories, our online shop with many useful gadgets, tools and promotional items completes the range.

In addition to our innovative products, we also provide educational and training courses from rescue specialists. Furthermore, we offer workshop courses for testing and maintenance of our equipment including technical seminars with different topics. This gives us the great opportunity to collect feedback, new ideas and innovations for and from our customers.

Digital solutions and applications are becoming increasingly important in the field of all emergency relief organizations. Our target is to develop digital solutions for all emergency relief organizations to help and support their members, professionals as well as volunteers who have made it their business to take care of others.

Together with our customers in the fire service, THW, police, military and industry sectors, RESCUE DIGITAL develops individual and easy-to-use apps and software applications in the areas of alarms, administration, accident prevention and rescue services.

You can get the best overview of the many advantages of our systems during a personal product presentation at your own location. There you can discover the real advantages of WEBER RESCUE products.

Unique Technologies:


Weber Rescue Systems X Change

The new generation of hose cutters, spreaders and combi tools of WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS can be converted to E-FORCE3 battery-powered devices at any time via a new connection point. This means more flexible decision-making. The conversion must be completed by a WEBER RESCUE certified workshop.

Buy a hose tool today and upgrade to battery technology tomorrow!


Weber Rescue Systems Speed Control

Due to the newly developed switching valve the rescue system is always in the maximum possible speed range, comparable to a 2-step automatic transmission that always uses the optimum gear. This increases the working speed by at least 25 %, depending on the application, meaning the rescue tool is even faster.

In addition to the switching valve, the basic speed of the new E-FORCE3 tools is once again noticeably increased.

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Telephone: +43 7255 6237-0    Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

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