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WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS rescueDAYS and Experience Tour

by Marcus
WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS goes on an experience tour

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS goes on an experience tour with new products and looks to improve the firefighter standards for technical rescue operations

The innovative rescue equipment manufacturer WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS starts an eventful autumn in the coming weeks. After an extremely successful participation at Interschutz 2022, the SMART-FORCE battery-powered devices and many other product innovations are going on the road; as part of the WEBER RESCUE Experience Tour. These products will be available to try out in conjunction with our partner companies throughout Germany. A special highlight in the event calendar are the rescueDAYS, the popular training events for technical assistance. This year they will not only be held in Paderborn, but also in Poland, Slovenia, Italy and Japan. And, of course, the rescue equipment manufacturer will once again be exhibiting at the FLORIAN trade fair in Dresden.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS offers an opportunity to get „hands on“ with rescue technology to touch as part of the Experience Tour. This time, a particularly large number of product innovations are included. “From the SMART-FORCE devices to our new digital tools, interested firefighters can try out the rescue equipment at our trade partners. Through this direct exchange, we can optimally adapt our products to the requirements of the emergency services,” says Philipp Barfuß, Sales Manager for WEBER RESCUE Germany since May of this year.

rescueDAYS: Intensive training for technical operations

For more than 20 years, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS has also been passing on this practical knowledge to emergency forces worldwide in seminars. At rescueDAYS firefighters can train with internationally recognized experts in the optimal handling of technical rescue equipment, so that in an emergency every move is made immediately and effectively – even under stress and time pressure. “The rescueDAYS are a unique experience for all participants. In addition to the concentrated knowledge and skills that our experts impart, it is above all the exchange among each other that makes for success,” says Barfuß enthusiastically.

18th rescueDAYS for 2022 in Paderborn

rescueDAYS Paderborn

This year’s rescueDAYS in Paderborn offer an event location in an optimal traffic situation. From October 6 to 9, technology and tactics for technical assistance will be trained at the ADAC training grounds in Paderborn. More than 700 participants will be there again this year, making rescueDAYS in Germany the world’s largest training event for technical rescue.

HEAVY rescueDAYS and Texport Action Days in Slovenia

For three days in September, everything will revolve around technical rescue at the HEAVY rescueDAYS in Maribor, Slovenia. The largest training event outside Germany will be framed, among other things, by the Texport Action Days. Here, emergency forces train in a fire container with the use of personal protective equipment and the handling of contaminated emergency clothing.

HRS Rookie and HRS Ladies:

An innovation at HEAVY rescueDAYS Slovenia are the stations for young firefighters and women firefighters. “We place great importance in the training of young firefighter candidates in intervention in traffic accidents. This way, younger and inexperienced firefighters can also participate, and the program will be tailored specifically to their level of knowledge,” explains Milan Kroflic, Area Sales Manager and organizer. “The fact that female firefighters are often less considered in training than their male counterparts motivated us to establish a dedicated HRS Ladies Station” comments Blanka Kroflic, instructor at WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS and part of the HEAVY rescueDAYS event team.

The desire for high-quality training with modern rescue equipment will certainly be fulfilled in 2022 throughout Europe and worldwide. This year rescueDAYS will be held in Dubai, Greece, Poland, Italy, Brazil, USA, Argentina and Japan together with our trade partners and the local fire departments.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS goes on an experience tour

Cooperation Rescue Training Center RTC

The common goal of saving human lives unites WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS and the Rescue Training Center RTC. “Serious traffic accidents are increasingly presenting fire departments with the problem of freeing trapped persons quickly and gently. New safety equipment, high-strength materials and new vehicle technologies often push people and rescue equipment to their limits,” said André Weiss and Joe Völkel, of the RTC. “We are proud to have signed a cooperation agreement with WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS and look forward to a successful collaboration in the form of seminars and hands-on exercises related to technical rescue!”

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS at the Florian 2022 in Dresden:

Directly after the rescueDAYS in Paderborn, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS will be exhibiting at the FLORIAN 2022. In the open-air area, on 300 m2, innovations and proven products from the world of technical assistance will be presented again this year. The Experience Tour will also make a stop at the FLORIAN again! During the tour stop, our digital products and innovations in the field of rescue equipment will be presented in two separate containers.

Technical rescue – electric mobility

In the training of firefighters, the handling of electric vehicles requires special training. A symposium called “Technical Rescue – Electromobility” will be held by LFS Saxony in cooperation with WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS. A practical demonstration has been organised addressing these rescue techniques on 14.10. from 13:45.

For more information on WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS rescueDAYS and Experience Tour visit www.weber-rescue.com

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