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WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

by Marcus
WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents smart rescue equipment and the world’s first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022 in Hannover, Germany

The slogan “Let’s create future” has been WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS’ motto for quite some time. With the presentation of the new battery tool series at INTERSCHUTZ 2022, the slogan is turned into reality. The innovative rescue equipment manufacturer impressively demonstrates how digitalization and networking – the leading theme of the trade fair – are also making their way into the fire department.

Just in time for the world’s leading trade fair for the firefighting industry, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the new SMART-FORCE tool series, which marks a milestone in rescue tool technology. Revolutionary cutting technologies, high-performance batteries from Milwaukee and the use of smart additional functions will make accident rescue significantly faster and more efficient in the future. In addition to digitalization, the topics of underwater use, service and training are also taken into account in the new product series. Here are the highlights:

Rescue technology is getting smart!

With the introduction of the new device series, smart functions are also integrated into the rescue device itself for the first time. The SMART-FORCE devices enable communication via WLAN/UMTS connection and offer numerous additional functions for device control and management within their own app, e.g. a pressure display, a training and theft mode, and the ability to analyze the current device status. “Visitors to INTERSCHUTZ can look forward to a wealth of new possibilities here, which we will be demonstrating live at our booth,” says Patrick Allinger, product manager responsible for the smart features of the new rescue equipment.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

High-output battery at an unbeatable price-performance ratio

In recent years, battery-powered devices have become the standard in firefighting technology, proofing over time that they are in no way inferior to hose-bound devices. By switching to the Milwaukee M18TM High-Output battery technology, WEBER RESCUE remains true to its line of a freely available battery on the market. In addition to the unbeatable price and outstanding technology, as well as the security of supply of a battery that has been manufactured millions of times over, the universal application of Milwaukee batteries also offers a major advantage for rescue forces. One battery can be used for all operations currently across the range of 17 SMART-FORCE rescue tools from WEBER RESCUE and 200+ compatible MILWAUKEE tools.

Underwater capability

Thanks to a robust, waterproof and dustproof housing, the new devices can be made submersible in just a few steps. And this can also be done quickly and easily during use. Regardless of whether it is fresh, salt or dirty water, thanks to the IP 68 design, work is possible even under extreme conditions, such as high water or vehicle recovery under water.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

New SMOOTH CUT cutting technology enables the world’s first F7 cutter

In addition to the SMART-FORCE devices, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents a new cutter series with innovative cutting technology.

“The new SMOOTH CUT technology represents a quantum leap in cutting performance. It allows us to ensure quiet, low-stress and therefore safe cutting performance with low weight!” explains product manager Hannes Buchner enthusiastically. Even round material with a 50 mm diameter can be cut without any problems. The new technology has now also enabled the world’s first cutting device, which can cut through the strongest standard material “F7” according to the American NFPA 1936 standard.

Changing the blades will also be even easier in the future and can be carried out by the users themselves without any problems. The new shape of the blade inserts means that only one roll pin needs to be changed. “This saves time and money. The PLUS blade inserts can be changed by anyone in one minute directly at the point of use, and immediately resume working,” says Buchner.

WEBER RESCUE continues to rely on forged blades that can withstand extreme loads. The forging process pre-shapes the material in the direction of the load – the risk of blade breakage is thus greatly reduced, even under extreme stress.

The geometry of the blades is new too. The extreme U-shape makes it possible to grip the vehicle pillar even better. An acute angle makes them even sharper and two continuous teeth bite into the material and hold it at the pivot point during cutting.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

Crashing with a system – realistic exercise preparation for practical training

The crash system presented as part of this year’s roadshow, the WEBER RESCUE Experience Tour, will also be presented to an international audience for the first time at INTERSCHUTZ.

In cooperation with the S-GARD SAFETY TOUR, practice vehicles will be crashed live on the outdoor exhibition area. The crash system can be used to realistically recreate various scenarios for exercises. In addition to frontal, side and rear impacts on passenger cars, accident patterns on larger vehicles, e.g. vans and truck cabs, can also be simulated. This makes the exercises more realistic and optimally prepares firefighters for accidents like those that happen every day on our roads.

Other product highlights:

Handvario RIT-Tool – flexible applications, even under water

With the Handvario RIT-Tool, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS recently developed a fully-fledged, hand-operated combination tool for rapid intervention teams (RIT). It is completely independent of a power supply with hose or battery and can therefore be used very flexibly. The interchangeable tips and a wide range of accessories make it suitable for use in a variety of situations. From opening doors to pulling loads or pushing away obstacles.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022
Handvario RIT-Tool

Furthermore, the device can be used under water – up to a depth of 25 meters. Its small footprint makes it easy to stow away and quick to deploy. Optimum cutting performance is ensured via high-strength, forged lightweight blades. For user-friendly operation, the headpiece can be rotated 360°.


The compact battery-powered unit impresses with an XL-sized hydraulic oil tank. It has an impressive usable volume of 5 liters and allows the operation of any equipment combination. In ECO mode, the unit can run for up to ten hours. A connection to the external continous power supply is also available. Six high-performance LEDs ensure perfect illumination of the working environment.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

Digital solutions:

Digitalization has long been a core topic for WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS. To drive development in this area, a separate subsidiary was founded – RESCUE DIGITAL SYSTEMS GmbH.

The company develops individual and easy-to-use apps and software applications in the areas of: Alerting, Administration, Training, Accident Prevention, Rescue and many more.

NEW: Online product configurator RIT-TOOL

The new product configurator for the RIT tool makes it possible to configure necessary accessories such as battery and tips as well as additional gadgets online. From this, a PDF document is automatically created, which can be sent to WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS as a request with one click.

RETTERSeismo – Seismographic measurement via app

With the RETTERSeismo app, vibrations and movements are detected via smartphone, enabling an early acoustic warning of the emergency forces in the event of uncontrolled changes in the situation. In addition, the data can also be evaluated for training purposes. With the free basic version, vibrations can already be recorded when lifting loads, working with hydraulic rescue equipment on vehicles or in the event of building collapses. The multimode makes it possible to network up to 16 sensors that are attached to the object and thus to track the operation or exercise in detail in a mobile way.

The system provides important data for handling the patient during the rescue of persons from buildings or accident vehicles and is a valuable support for the training of aid organizations.

E-Learning for aid organizations: RETTERAcademy and WEBER RESCUE Academy

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the world's first F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

Coronavirus and Social Distancing have shown that e-learning is an ideal complement to the training of rescue workers. WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS offers two platforms that are also available as an APP:

RETTERAcademy: The individual e-learning platform. Here, aid organizations can create their own e-learning platform. In addition to creating their own learning content, the layout can also be customized to suit the organization in question. Own colors or logos ensure a unique appearance. In the backend, own courses, videos, knowledge tests and certificates can be stored. The courses and videos can be completed independently of time.

WEBER RESCUE Academy: The learning platform provides courses, expert videos and materials on various WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS topics. This content can be purchased via the WEBER RESCUE online store and accessed in the individuals own account. A certificate of participation is issued upon completion of a course. WEBER RESCUE Academy and RETTERAcademy are also available as APP.

RETTER AR – Virtual training for emergency services

WERBER RESCUE SYSTEMS even goes one step ahead with the RETTER AR application. Here, training takes place in a virtual environment. Exercises and scenarios such as a head-on car collision, a rear-end collision or a house fire can be projected into the real environment and trained without any risk. In addition, technical data on the respective equipment used can be called up. With the Pro version, it will soon also be possible to connect to multiple devices.

RETTERAlarm – The individual alerting system for BOS

No matter if it is industry, fire department, rescue service, THW or other aid organizations: RETTERAlarm offers a perfect supplement to alerting via radio detectors or the siren.

RETTERAlarm makes it possible to alert emergency forces individually, in groups, or even subsequently again in a targeted manner. Users can be alerted either by push notification, e-mail, SMS or voice call. Of course, this can be selected individually for each emergency worker. With RETTERAlarm you will never miss an alert again! In addition, RETTERAlarm offers many other practical tools such as calendar for events or training services, readiness query, chat function, integration of smart home, alarm monitors for the fire station.

RETTERAlarm Zeus – The central mission support system

As an extension of RETTERAlarm, ZEUS offers even more efficient, comprehensive and detailed mission management.

The display of situation maps as well as the display of deployment plans is possible. ZEUS offers the possibility to make an operation documentation, which can be used afterwards for the operation report. There is an overview of the alarmed resources and vehicles. A perfect support for every operation.

For more information on WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS presents the F7 cutter at INTERSCHUTZ 2022 visit https://www.weber-rescue.com/en/

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