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by Marcus
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Weber Rescue System provides for this trend by continuously developing high-performance rescue systems. We have the right rescue equipment for practically any scenario.

In recent years, our innovations have been focused around flexible, battery-operated tools in the E-FORCE series. However, our standard range has also been advanced with new generations of cutters and blades (RSU PLUS), new spreaders (AS and BS spreaders) and power units (E/V 70 W).

We offer a comprehensive range of tried-and-tested solutions, now complemented by additional equipment such as the STAB-FAST ALU, PAT-STAB and PAT-SAFE.

A further component of our success is our worldwide training and education programmes for emergency service personnel. An example of this is our RESCUE DAYS events, which are now held in multiple countries (Austria, Brazil, Japan, etc.) and at which thousands of fire service and rescue personnel have already been trained.
New vehicle technologies and continuously optimised safety systems in vehicles improve the protection of the occupants. However, they are always presenting new challenges for the emergency services.
You can get the best overview of the many advantages of our systems during a personal product presentation at your own location, where you can discover for yourself what lies behind the experience of Weber Rescue System products.

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