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New Solutions for Special Applications

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WEBER RESCUE Presents New Solutions for Special Applications

WEBER RESCUE presents new solutions for special applications

RIT-Tool: flexible battery-powered special tool that can be used under water

The fully-fledged cordless combi tool offers a wide range of applications thanks to its easily interchangeable tips, including breaking open doors and windows, cutting round steel and chains, lifting loads and pulling obstacles.

“Above all, the compactness of the devices is a great advantage in use. The battery-powered device can be controlled sensitively using a rocker switch. The absolutely identical performance compared to hose devices is particularly impressive. The use of modern materials has also made it possible to save weight,” says Head of Sales Philipp Barfuß.

In the SMART-FORCE version, the devices are also suitable for underwater use. The HANDVARIO RIT-Tool enables particularly silent working. The manual operation makes it quiet and flexible to use and the interchangeable tips make it ideal for breaking open doors and windows as well as for cutting and pulling.

Mobile and flexible thanks to battery-powered tools and optimised transport solutions

Devices often have to be transported over long distances to be used. With the RIT back carrier, transport on the back is no problem. The ideal weight distribution ensures optimum carrying comfort even on long journeys. Quick-release fasteners allow the back carrier to be put on and taken off quickly. Even when wearing a helmet, the freedom of movement of the head is not restricted. With a water-repellent coating and durable CORDURA nylon, the backpack is particularly hard-wearing. Additional batteries, tips and other accessories can be stowed in the pockets.

The E-FORCE transport box offers stable storage and transport of the tools. The PELI 1740 case is equipped with customised foam inserts and is also suitable for air transport thanks to a fully automatic pressure equalisation valve.

Door opener set for fast and silent door opening:

The WEBER RESCUE door opener set contains everything you need for professional door opening in a robust, waterproof case in standard Eurobox dimensions. The set consists of a hand pump, hose, door opener and case. From the quick opening of doors with a single locking mechanism to the double-acting system for breaking open multi-locked metal and security doors, the different door openers cover all requirements. Optionally, cutting devices such as the compact MINI cutter C 45-9 can be stowed in the case.

Special device with new drive

“Since January, we have also been able to offer the updated special tools – concrete crusher BC 250 MK2, spreader wedge SPK 250 MK2 and special cutter C 120 MK2 – with powerful E-FORCE3 battery drives,” explains Sales Manager Philipp Barfuß.

Battery-powered tools enable unrestricted mobility, as they work independently of external power sources. This is particularly important in situations where fast reaction times and flexibility are crucial.

The redesigned special tools are also characterised by their robust design and improved operability. The folding plastic handle on the C 120 MK2 cutter in particular makes it easy to handle.

“We have also achieved impressive weight optimisation through targeted adjustments,” says Barfuß.

In practice, this opens up a wide range of possible applications: The SPK 250 MK2 spreader wedge is particularly useful for creating initial heights in confined spaces. The BC 250 MK2 concrete crusher is the ideal solution for quickly breaking up thick chunks of concrete in emergency situations such as natural disasters and industrial accidents. And finally, the C 120 MK2 special cutter with a special ejection chute for cut material enables an endless follow-up cut and is therefore perfect for quickly creating openings in mass transport vehicles.

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