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WEBER-HYDRAULIK Wins Gold Pegasus Prize

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WEBER-HYDRAULIK Wins Gold Pegasus Prize

WEBER-HYDRAULICS as “Innovation Emperor” Awarded the Pegasus Business Prize in Gold

WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH, known for its WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS brand among others, is a leading international manufacturer of hydraulic systems and high-quality rescue equipment. The company was recently awarded the prestigious Pegasus Business Award in Gold in the category “Innovation Emperor” award.

Not only the economic success was decisive for this award, but also the continuous growth through innovative products and services. The large number of new articles and solutions in the field of rescue technology in particular contributed significantly to the recognition.

“The Innovation Emperor award confirms the hard work and commitment of our team. We are always striving to develop new and improved solutions for the challenges of our time. We are far ahead of our competitors, particularly in the digitalization of technical assistance with our Smart-Force battery-powered devices,” explain Bernhard Obermayr and Kurt Sperrer, Managing Directors of the Losenstein site.

“We are proud of our history and our products. The Pegasus Award motivates us to continue to deliver top performance. I would like to thank all employees, partners and customers who have accompanied us on this journey. Without them, this success would not have been possible,” emphasizes Obermayr.

WEBER-HYDRAULIK Wins Gold Pegasus Prize

WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH in Losenstein has been in existence since 1969 and is the largest employer in the Enns Valley. The site has developed continuously thanks to customer-specific solutions in the hydraulics sector and the expansion of the WEBER RESCUE division in a niche in the firefighting sector. The company is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rescue equipment. Despite record sales in recent years, WEBER-HYDRAULIK is currently confronted with strongly changing market conditions and fluctuations in sales.

About the PEGASUS business award

The PEGASUS Business Award has been presented annually in several categories to the most successful companies in Upper Austria since 1994. The prize is sponsored by OÖ Nachrichten, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, the province of Upper Austria, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Austrian Industries and KPMG.

To learn more about WEBER-HYDRAULIK’s innovative solutions and award-winning products, visit: https://www.weber-hydraulik.com/

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