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WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability

by Marcus
WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability

WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability with the certification according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

Both compliance with environmental guidelines and the efficient use of energy contribute significantly to the sustainable orientation of companies.

At the WEBER HYDRAULIK site in Losenstein, both certifications have now been successfully completed. “Sustainability is a very important topic for us. We are constantly working on optimizing our processes with regard to the set environmental and energy targets. The ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications now show quite objectively that we meet very high requirements in this regard,” says Günther Rebhandl, Head of Quality Management at WEBER- HYDRAULIK, who is pleased with the success.

WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability
Proud of the certifications passed: Bernhard Obermayr, Mathias Pranzl, Albert Koppenberger, Günther Rebhandl, Kurt Sperrer

Environmental risks can be reduced through sustainable environmental and energy management. At the same time, environmental performance is made transparent and targeted improvement measures are devised. Lower consumption of resources such as energy and water, plus the reduction of disposal costs also offer an economic advantage over the competition in the long term.

Environmentally friendly energy and heating technology

At its site in the Enns Valley, the innovative manufacturer goes far beyond the required measures. Photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of the building provide clean electricity from solar energy. With an output of 364 kWp, part of the electricity used in production is self-generated. “The proportion of electricity requirements that can be covered by solar energy has been continuously increased in recent years,” explains Albert Koppenberger, who is responsible for plant maintenance at the Losenstein site.

The heating system is also powered by wood chips in an environmentally friendly manner. “Our entire heating requirements are covered by the wood chip heating system,” Koppenberger continues. This makes the Losenstein site independent of oil and gas.

WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability
Photovoltaic plant with 364 kWp installed capacity

E-mobility reduces CO2 emissions

In March 2019, it was discovered that transportation causes a large part of the CO2 pollution at the Losenstein site. “By using e-mobility for work trips, we saw great potential to reduce the site’s CO2 emissions. That was the starting signal for the e-mobility campaign,” says Koppenberger. An attractive leasing model for e-cars was worked out for employees at the Losenstein site. In the meantime, around 70 employees have taken advantage of the campaign. The electricity required for the e-cars also comes from the company’s own photovoltaic system. Employees can charge their vehicles free of charge at the 20 newly installed charging points.

Sustainability, environmental protection and quality – topics of the future that are firmly fortified at WEBER-HYDRAULIK

“Passing the certifications once again proves the consistently high quality orientation as well as the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design of all processes in the company,” confirm Kurt Sperrer and Bernhard Obermayr as managing directors at the Losenstein site. “We are convinced that we can also offer our customers a decisive advantage with our sustainable orientation”.

For more information on WEBER HYDRAULIK takes another step towards sustainability visit https://www.weber-rescue.com/en/

Top image: Kerstin Uitz und Albert Koppenberger, who handled the e-car campaign with the works council.

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