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With over a century of instilling confidence and trust within firefighters the world over, Waterous manufactures the best fire pumps and apparatus for the fire service industry. Pumps and firefighting apparatus are crucial components to the longstanding tradition of saving lives and protecting citizens, and like the citizens who count on firefighters to protect their community, firefighters depend on their fire pump manufacturer to provide trustworthy, high-powered equipment that performs in top shape at a moment’s notice. It’s a responsibility Waterous is honored to accept and deliver.

A Solid History

Since 1886, Waterous has dominated the fire pump and equipment suppression industry by supplying superior fire pumps and related apparatus to fire departments throughout the world. When we manufactured the first gasoline-engine pumpers pulled by teams of horses in 1898, we understood the magnitude and logistics of effectively fighting fires. That understanding provided a solid foundation for creating safe, efficient, powerful fire pumps that has carried Waterous into the next two centuries as the world’s leading fire pump manufacturer.

A Thriving Present

As the number one fire pump manufacturer on earth, Waterous continues to supply the firefighting industry with an unsurpassed level of fire pump performance with fire protection systems that extinguish fires with incredible speed and accuracy. With our solid reputation, the world looks to Waterous for the best firefighting apparatus, hands-down. Today, our fire pumps possess cutting-edge extinguishing capabilities, and instill confidence in firefighters throughout the industry. It’s our duty to manufacture each and every pump with superior power, performance and reliability.

An Innovative Future

Each day the firefighting industry becomes better and better at suppressing fire, and Waterous continues to reach new heights of innovation when it comes to producing advanced apparatus and technology. Revolutionizing age-old firefighting traditions with innovative compressed air foam technology called the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem, we value and respect the traditions of the past and infuse them with enhanced firefighting methods and innovative technology. Simply put, Waterous inspires ultimate confidence in firefighters throughout the globe with superior, advanced technology.

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