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Water Wall Nozzle Hose

by Greg Preston
Delta Fire Water Wall Nozzle Hose

Water Wall Nozzle Hose supplied by Delta Fire

The Delta Fire Water Wall Nozzle Hose is a unique product designed for the quick encapsulation of active fires or areas of risk efficiently and safely minimising the danger of fire spread and ensuring maximum heat, flame, spark and noxious gas protection for firefighters.

This product is effectively based on the Hydroshield concept but takes the idea several stages further creating a solid wall of water up to 20 metres high that can be extended almost indefinitely via interconnecting 20 metre lengths of heat and chemical resistant type 3 hose. The potential applications of the Nozzle Hose are almost limitless.

Whether as a temporary protection for major events, fighting forest fires and waste dumps, suppression of vapours and absorption of suspended gasses, cooling and wetting down of structures or vehicles or as a heat shield for firefighter protection the Nozzle Hose can play an integral role. Deployable in a straight line for fire breaks or curved around any structure the Nozzle Hose provides major extinguishing capacity independent of personnel taking firefighters out of high risk areas and freeing them up to concentrate on the job in hand.

Up to eight nozzle variants can be easily interchanged to achieve either powerful jets or fine mists of water. Compatible with any foam concentrates or wetting agents the Nozzle Hose is set to become a staple, invaluable piece of equipment for Fire Services, Marine & Industrial users.

Key Features

  • Fast, Effective Water Wall Heat Protection
  • Inter-Connectable 20m Lengths
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • From 20m High Jets to Dense Fog Patterns
  • Perfect for Forestry Fires
  • Ideal for Encapsulating Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Effective Waste Site Protection
  • All International Inlet Fittings Available

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 Water Wall Nozzle Hose supplied by Delta Fire

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