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by Marcus

Vortex Holdings is focused solely on the portable fire pump market. Our competitive advantage comes from being able to manufacture very high quality portable fire pumps in small quantities and “one offs” as well we are able to produce larger runs as required. Our prime focus is to build the very best portable fire pumps in the world.
Vortex Holdings factory machine shop operates a highly accurate Chevaliar high speed machining center and CNC lathe for fast and presise machining work. Components can be milled and drilled all in one operation allowing for accurate but fast machining times. All pumps are hydraulic tested in the final test phase before having the final quality assurance stamp of approval.
One of the key advantages of the Vortex Holdings designed pumps is the superior flows and pressures for a smaller amount of horsepower. Vortex designed pumps are unique in this area. Other advantages are a higher level of feature components such as Stainless Steel carry frames, lightweight and simplicity of operation. The ability to manufacture in short runs and customize for clients including building one offs is a strong competitive advantage for our company.

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