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VM Series Positive Pressure Fans

by Marcus
VM Series Positive Pressure Fans

The positive pressure fans in the VM series offer incomparably high DIN output powers coupled with electric drive and explosion protection.

The VM 600 D ex is the first portable ppv fan for positive pressure ventilation fire fighting equipment produced in Germany.

This powerful device offers very good noise emission values and high levels of serviceability thanks to its maintenance-free electric motor. Nevertheless, it offers full explosion protection for zones 1 and 2.

The sturdy yet handy design means it is ideal for coping with harsh everyday conditions.

If an engine is used as the power source then 5 kVA is required to overcome the inrush current.

4 kVA is sufficient when an inrush current limiter is used (available as accessory). The performance data for the VM 600 ex refer to measurements taken in a DIN 24163 flow cable.

Measurements based on the AMCA standard 240 are under preparation.

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