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Virtual Hazmat 2021

by Marcus

NCEC’s Virtual Hazmat 2021 conference has earned the justifiable reputation of being the ‘must-attend’ annual event for those who are involved in hazmat response, incident management or crisis management. As well as providing the opportunity for delegates to learn about the latest developments in the hazmat field, it is an ideal networking forum for them to share experiences with like-minded professionals.

Virtual Hazmat 2021 is a free virtual alternative to our annual conference and is supported by JOIFF.

The event will comprise of two, 2-hour sessions on consecutive days and will draw on the knowledge and experience of NCEC’s experts – with a focus on informative, practical and actionable advice on hazmat incidents. Additionally, one lucky team/participant on each day will win a free virtual hazmat training session with our Hazmat Academy team.

The sessions are at different times of the day so that at least one will be at a convenient time for delegates wherever they are in the world. We welcome you to attend either one or both sessions depending on your availability.

The event is completely free to attend. Save your place at the event here.

Both sessions will include:

Discussion involving a practical hazmat-related scenario

Both sessions will include a scenario that focuses on a chemical spill at a commercial site. However, factors such as scale, response system and the type of chemical involved will vary. The scenario will explore incident scene management and how to implement a proportionate response to an incident involving hazardous materials. They will also include:

How to prepare for and prevent a spill occurring.
What training response teams should undertake so they are fully prepared when such an incident happens.
How a proportionate response can help minimise the impact of a chemical spill.

In addition, our experts will discuss the steps that should be taken after an incident has been resolved to minimise the chances of something similar happening.

Interactive quiz

Take part in our quiz and you could win a free training session with us.

On each of the two days of Hazmat 2021, our experts will run an interactive quiz and one lucky participant/team on each day will win a free, virtual, hazmat training session with our Hazmat Academy team*. The quiz will test and challenge your knowledge of hazmat-related subjects – such as hazmat response, hazmat history, information gathering, incident scene management, and chemical and physical properties of substances. Delegates can enter as individuals or as part of a team. All we ask is that you bring your ‘A game’.


Ed Sullivan – Hazardous Materials Principal Consultant, NCEC
Having worked in emergency response since 2004, Ed’s background is predominantly in the fire and rescue service as a responder, and subject matter expert in hazmat and incident command.

Dr. Nigel Blumire – Training Product Manager, NCEC
Nigel is an expert in emergency response with several years of experience providing chemical advice to emergency services. He is also the secretary of the International Technical Committee for the Prevention and Extinction of Fire’s (CTIF) Hazardous Materials Commission.

Josh Allaway – Senior Emergency Responder and Hazmat Trainer, NCEC
Josh is a leading voice in the world of hazmat. Josh is also a trained firefighter and spent several years responding for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service. His technical and operational knowledge and experience (including his Initial Incident Command qualification) mean that he is ideally placed to provide input to and deliver hazmat response training.

Jon GibbardDirector, NCEC
Jon oversees the strategic direction of NCEC, brokering new partnerships and networks worldwide to ensure the services and technical guidance provided to clients is equivalent to the highest international standards.

This completely free event is the perfect opportunity to test whether you and your team are truly prepared should a hazmat incident occur.

About NCEC the event organisers

As the United Kingdom’s National Chemical Emergency Centre, for the past 40 years we have developed an in-depth knowledge of the global chemical marketplace and its critical interactions with stakeholders – from regulator to supply chain. Our extent of knowledge and expertise places us in a unique position to understand and support the context in which our customers manage chemical risk.

Event Organiser: NCEC
Telephone Number: +44 (0) 1235 753654
Email Address: [email protected]
Event Website: www.hazmatevent.com

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