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Volcano Diver Uses AR to See Through Smoke and Fire

Volcano Diver Uses AR to See Through Smoke and Fire. Sam Cossman is an Explorer and Entrepreneur who has ventured into some of the world’s most extreme places.

He was inspired by his sojourn into a fiery volcano to co-create exponential technologies that could aid in disaster relief.

He and his co-founders, Dr. John Long, Omer Haciomeroglu and Bahar Wadia developed Qwake Tech, the C-THRU /Augmented Reality system to help firefighters get in and out of the fire 5 x faster. C-THRU provides real time navigation through a transparent AR display placed directly within the firefighter’s line of sight.

Qwake Tech was founded on the belief that innovation has the potential to be a force for good. By providing firefighters with the ability to see through zero visibility conditions, the company seeks to re-define the future of fire and rescue through computer vision and augmented reality.

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