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ViCount Smoke Machine

by Marcus
ViCount Smoke Machine

ViCount Smoke Machine supplied by Concept Smoke Systems

ViCount Smoke Machine – ViCount / Vulcan (Mains Powered)

The ViCount Smoke Machine is one of the world’s most capable smoke systems. The unit produces a non-toxic, food quality, oil based smoke entrained in an inert carrier gas stream. The smoke is resistant to temperatures of up to 200°C before layering occurs (compared to 40-50°C for most water based smoke systems) enabling dense smoke concentrations to be achieved and maintained in hot fire simulators throughout the world (e.g. HMS Excellent—the world’s largest hot fire training complex).

The smoke produced by the ViCount (although intrinsically bio-degradable) is extremely persistent, dramatically outlasting even the best water based smokes in ambient temperature conditions. This makes the ViCount the smoke system of choice for large, fixed BA complexes, with or without heat, as well as for major emergency exercises.

The ViCount smoke system is virtually maintenance free. At the end of every smoke operation the heat exchangers and filters are automatically purged with a small amount of inert gas, ensuring consistent performance, day in — day out.

ViCount / Vulcan (Mains Powered) features;

  • The highest temperature resistance of any artificial smoke (200°C > for hot fire training)
  • Huge smoke output
  • Extremely persistent smoke in turbulent conditions perfect tool for (PPV training)
  • Recommended for all large scale BA applications & large volume smoke logging / tunnel tests
  • Splash proof switching
  • IP 65 Microprocessor temperature control
  • Machined heater block, guaranteed for life
  • Continuous high quality smoke output

Concept Smoke Systems

ViCount Smoke Machine supplied by Concept Smoke Systems

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