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Vetter Water Tanks

by Marcus
Vetter Water Tanks

Vetter Water Tanks offer space-saving storage of fresh and contaminated water.

  • Small folded size
  • Capacity of 500 – 100,000 l (17.6 – 3,530 cu. ft.)
  • Extremely sturdy material
  • Food-safe version available

Need to store large volumes of water, contaminated extinguishing water or valuable drinking water? That’s no problem with Vetter Water Tanks which are self-erecting flexible water tanks. Collect and store contaminated or drinking water after hazmat accidents, storms or fires or during drinking water shortages. Vetter water tanks can hold up to one hundred times their folded volume.

Open water tanks (OWT): The open water tank is self-erecting thanks to the float ring. The tanks, which are made of tear-proof PVC, have a very sturdy anodised 2″ aluminium flange and a shockresistant PVC ball valve. The tank can be filled and emptied with speed and ease using a Storz A coupling. Vetter supplies the water tanks in a practical packing bag with repair kit as standard. As an option, we can also include covers for every tank size.

Closed water tanks (GWT and GWT-L): Reinforced PVC gives the closed water tanks maximum stability. You can also opt to have corner brackets fitted to the tanks for safe transportation by truck – even of filled tanks. An opening on the top side of the tank serves as a vent or for refilling. Also available is a food-safe closed tank for storing drinking water.

In operation …

  • Storage and transportation of liquids
  • Removal of contaminated extinguishing water
  • Provision of drinking water in disaster zones

Good reasons:

  • Self-erecting without support frame
  • Ready to deploy in seconds
  • No accessories required
  • Very stable and sturdy

Guaranteed quality:

  • Made from strong, durable PVC
  • Anodised 2″ aluminium flange
  • Shock-resistant PVC ball valve

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