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Vetter Pneumatic Universal Tents

by Marcus

Pneumatic universal tents

Your pneumatic tent for all kinds of operations.

  • Immediately ready to use
  • Useable area 12 m² to 40 m² (130 to 430 sq. ft.)
  • Extensive standard features
  • 20 m² (216 sq. ft.) set up in just 1 minute

Vetter universal decontamination tents were developed especially for fire brigades. The decontamination units are designed for the hazmat response process to need especially little time and personnel for transport, setup and takedown. Benefit from these features of our tents: self-erecting support frame, low weight, small folded size and ease of use. With our pneumatic tents, you can quickly set up protective space for colleagues or injured persons. Use the velcro fasteners to connect tents quickly and easily to other tents or directly with containers. Vetter universal tents are suited to a wide variety of uses such as living quarters for large-scale operations, triage facilities, or decontamination measures. For the latter, you can add Vetter shower units to all our tents.

Your pneumatic tent for quick operations:

  • Only 2 people needed for setup, ready for use in less than three minutes
  • Flexible, mobile and easy to use
  • Long time of use independent of electricity
  • One-piece system in a single package – no loose parts

For optimum performance in the field, Vetter tents are equipped with extensive features – even in the basic version.

  • Flexible in use and also when cleaning: Cover and floor separately detachable.
  • Entry awning can be partly or completely detached or rolled up.
  • Lighting and ventilation: enough windows, even in the basic version.
  • Custom lettering optional. 

In operation …

  • Operation centre
  • Weatherproof changing tent
  • Crew or mess tent for large-scale operations
  • Triage facility

Good reasons:

  • Multifunction inflation connection for use with compressed air cylinder or blower
  • Remains operational for several days without additional air
  • Patented securing net in roof area optionally available

Guaranteed quality:

  • Individually tested (with inspection seal)
  • Integrated safety valve prevents overinflation
  • High-quality, durable support frame
  • Mould- and flame-resistant cover material (DIN 4102 B1)

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