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Vetter Leak Sealing Lance

by Marcus
Vetter Leak Sealing Lance

Vetter Leak Sealing Lance (1.5 bar / 21.75 psi)

The quick fix for sealing leaks.

  • Ready to use in seconds
  • For sealing cracks and holes
  • Only one person required for setup
  • Ensures safe distance from leak

When you’re the first person on the rescue site, the Vetter leak sealing lance enables you to act quickly. With no assistance required, you can seal small leaks in storage tanks, tank trucks or wagons in seconds and from a safe distance. By using the wedge and cone bags at the tip of the leak sealing lance, you will effectively reduce the volume flow rate at cracks measuring 15 – 60 mm (0.6 – 2.3 inch) and holes measuring 30 – 90 mm (1.2 – 3.5 inch). Anti-slip profiles on the bags ensure a good grip. The device with its simple design provides an invaluable quick-fix which will buy you time to put further measures in place.

In operation …

  • For cracks 15 – 60 mm (0.6 – 2.3 inch)
  • For holes 30 – 90 mm (1.2 – 3.5 inch)

Good reasons:

  • One-person operation
  • Inflatable with foot pump
  • Adequate distance from danger area maintained thanks to 140 cm (55 inch) lance
  • Shut-off unit prevents pressure drop and air leakage when decoupling

Guaranteed quality:

  • Individually tested (with inspection seal)
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Highly flexible rubber

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