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Vetter Leak Sealing Bags

by Marcus

Leak sealing bags

Reliable sealing of large areas.

  • Up to 9 bar (130 psi) counterpressure
  • For containers with min. diameter of 50 cm (20 inch)
  • Sealing leaks in tanks
  • Sealing area up to 86 x 57 cm (34 x 22 inch)

Every minute counts when hazardous liquids escape from tanks, pipes or drums. Vetter leak sealing bags are quick and easy to inflate using a foot pump. Thanks to even pressure distribution, the structures around the liquid discharge area are protected and the danger that the leak gets bigger is reduced. All leak sealing bags come with a heavy-duty acid protection cover. Thanks to a pre-fabricated belt slots, the cover does not need to be removed during use or storage. The protective cover has an extra belt pocket, so you always have the right tools ready to hand.

Vetter leak sealing bags come in three different versions:

Guiding loops

The convenient solution:

  • Loops can be turned 45°
  • Acid protection cover prevents sparks close to the tank
  • Easier to position with belt guide

Swivel eyes

Extra flexible in operation:

  • Can be braced up to 90°
  • Can be used in just about every position

Belt slots

The safe solution when there is a risk of explosion:

  • Belt slots have zero metal parts
  • No sparks can be generated

Extend the life of your leak sealing bags by using the supplied sealing plates for sharp-edged leaks and the acid protection cover for safe use and storage.

Special leak sealing bag sets

High-pressure leak sealing bag (10 bar / 145 psi)

The high pressure leak sealing bag resists tank internal pressures of up to 9 bar (130.5 psi), as found in chlorine tanks, for example.

XL leak sealing bag

The XL leak sealing bag for large leaks. Suitable for all containers with a diameter greater than 90 cm (35 inch).

In operation …

  • To cover large areas
  • To seal leaks in tank trucks and wagons
  • To seal large drums and pipes
  • To seal cracks

Good reasons:

  • Reinforced anti-expansion cover plate
  • Can be used in narrow gaps
  • Worked metal plates distribute the tension load over entire width of the bag

Guaranteed quality:

  • Individually tested (with inspection seal)
  • Lashing belts enable release of preload force in stages
  • Heavy-duty, acid protection cover

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