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Decontamination Tent PZ 40 3 L

by Marcus

Decontamination tent PZ 40 3 L

The Vetter Decontamination tent PZ 40 3 L provides safe and quick mass decontamination as part of the hazmat response teams equipment.

  • Ready to use in only 5 minutes
  • For up to 12 persons at a time
  • Optimised room layout
  • Also for injured persons in horizontal position

Every minute counts in an emergency. Decontaminate large numbers of people in a short time. With two longitudinal separation walls, the tent can be divided into 3 decontamination lines. Use the middle line (1.85 m / 5.93 ft. wide) for decontamination of injured persons in horizontal position, the two outer lines (1.62 m / 5.18 ft. wide) offer enough space for separate showering of men and women. The decontamination shower units divide the tent into areas for undressing, showering and dressing. Since every shower unit has its own water supply, the quantity and temperature of water can be controlled individually. The colour coding of the duct openings in the tent provides practical orientation (blue: water, red: heating or electricity, green: compressed air). A one-piece collection tub in the shower area prevents liquids from pouring into the tent. To extend the functionality of the PZ 40 3 L, you can easily connect PZ 30 and PZ 40 universal tents and use them as additional supply or accommodation units.

In operation …

  • Epidemics
  • Decontamination of patients in front of hospitals
  • ABC protection measures after industrial and reactor accidents
  • Terror attacks or events of war

Good reasons:

  • Saves time and personnel
  • Only one inflation connection for the entire system
  • Inflation with compressed air cylinder or blower
  • Detachable components for easy cleaning
  • Connectable with universal tents PZ 30 or PZ 40

Guaranteed quality:

  • Individually tested (with inspection seal)
  • Integrated safety valve prevents overinflation
  • Support frame of sturdy material

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