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Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation

by Marcus
Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation - RESCUE SIM

Introducing the Rescue Sim where you can simulate multiple vehicle extrication scenarios with a rescue training simualtor.

Extrication Training

Creative blended learning within a controlled environment, encouraging discussion, development and pre-practical walkthrough simulations. Team discussion or individual development using a graded scoring system. The options are endless.

Hundreds of outcomes and scenario’s

Simulation provides the ability to create hundreds of scenario’s which would normally be impossible to replicate in the real world due to costs and practicality reasons.

Simple Interface

Easy to use interface that allows you to safely experiment and experience the outcome of multiple scenarios and actions.

RESCUE SIM - Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation
RESCUE SIM – Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation

Create A Unique RTC Scenario

Create a unique scenario by selecting multiple options, the Rescue-Sim will create this scenario for you, enabling you to create multiple outcomes for a wide range of training.

Simulate multiple scenarios without the cost of vehicles, easily re-setting scenario’s and testing candidates understanding of the steps to take to extract casualties using the correct tools.

If you can’t get hold of scrap vehicles, poor weather conditions and other training issues are a problem for Extrication training and development, Rescue-Sim could be the answer. Using the Rescue-Sim interactive training package, you can carry out simulated multi vehicle RTC rescue scenarios, as a discussion or as an interactive blended learning experience individually or as a team, within the comfort of your station or training center.

Rescue-sim is an interactive online training tool, focussing on the development of Road Traffic Collision training and development. With the ever-growing issues of obtaining scrap vehicles, setting up realistic scenarios and being able to repeat them, is, and has always been an issue for fire crews during training.

Rescue-sim supports and compliments your normal standard practical training, providing pre practical training walkthroughs, discussions on tactics, and controlled planning, with the option to reset the scenario as many times as you like.

RESCUE SIM - Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation
RESCUE SIM – Vehicle Extrication and Rescue Training Simulation

Rescue-sim provides interactive training sessions which are scientifically proven to improve memory retention, enthuse and inspire crews like no PowerPoint presentation can. Any number of slide transitions and Word Art effects will pale in comparison to an exciting and enjoyable experience of exploring scenarios through Rescue-sim.

Rescue-sim provides multiple scenarios that are pre-set against expected competencies, enabling crews to progress from simple fewer challenging situations through to the more complex and unique situations requiring expert experience and knowledge.

Scenarios align to the “UK SFJ” Skills for Justice framework for competency sign offs.

Rescue-sim reduces the reliance on scrap vehicles, weather conditions and other training issues that typically limit extrication training and development. Rescue-sim is the solution to providing crews world-wide more interactive training for RTC rescue. The initial release includes a modern user interface and dozens of upgraded features that can be used via your standard browser, on site or at home.

For more information visit http://www.rescue-sim.com

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