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VCS 16000 S

by Marcus

VCS 16000 S – MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS 3343/45 (6X4)

Fire Vehicles produced for the VSAI range are designed for fire fighting intervention in areas having a high risk of fires such as petrochemical industries, power plants, nuclear plants, and ports.

Fire Vehicles classification is in conformity with the new European Norms.

Excellent knowledge of the fire fighting field guarantees the production of vehicles in accordance with Local and International Norms.

Qatar General Petroleum Corpora-tion (Q.G.P.C.) – Qatar.

one vehicle VCS 16000 S on Mercedes Benz Actros 3343/45 (6×4) chassis

– 16000 l AISI 316 L stainless steel water tank
– Godiva WSB 3010 pump

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