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Variable Strut Mounts

by Marcus
Variable Strut Mounts

Variable Strut Mounts supplied by Ziamatic

Tightly secure two or four 3″ round struts against a vertical surface with these heavy-duty brackets. Struts rest in the holes of the lower bracket, then strap firmly into the adjustable upper bracket. Beefy, 2″ wide nylon straps provide more surface area for an extraordinarily powerful grip.

SURE-GRIP technology allows for more leverage when securing for a stronger, tighter hold. The lower bracket is specially-designed to support the substantial weight and withstand the repeated abuse of stowage and removal.

The item includes Unistrut channel for quick and easy mounting. The upper brackets are made of durable, powder-coated cast

The lower bracket is made of durable, powder-coated steel with an extra layer of high-density polyethylene plastic.

The straps are all-weather, UV-resistant nylon with hook & loop pads

Models Available:

VM-3RS-D – Double 3″ Strut Bracket – image: Variable Strut Mount.jpg

VM-3RS-Q – Quadruple 3″ Strut Bracket – image: Quad Strut Mount.jpg

Note: Upper brackets are also available standalone for the secure storage of square struts, large tools and other equipment.

More information can be found in our manual: www.ziamatic.com/

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Variable Strut Mounts supplied by Ziamatic

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