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Utility Mounting System

by Greg Preston
Utility Mounting System

Utility Mounting System supplied by Ziamatic

Utility Mounting System – 1″ Variable Straps

Zico’s popular straps are now available in a new 1″ width!

The ideal choice for securing smaller equipment, shelf slots, and compartment cubby-holes.


  • 1″ wide heavy-duty, all-weather nylon construction
  • A hook and loop closure system that provides extraordinary holding power for its size
  • Flexible materials place more of the strap against even the most oddly-shaped tools and equipment, increasing surface area for a better, more reliable hold
  • 360-degree grip range
  • UV-resistant
  • Great for use on land, sea, and air
  • More cost effective than conventional mounting systems

Each strap ships with TWO 1″ zinc Footman’s Loops. Optional stainless steel Footman’s Loops are also available.

Lengths Available:

Note: Total lengths measured from end to end. “Hook” pad is a fixed 3″ on each.

  • 10″ – Model UMVS-1-10
  • 14″ – Model UMVS-1-14
  • 18″ – Model UMVS-1-18
  • 22″ – Model UMVS-1-22
  • 26″ – Model UMVS-1-26

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More information can be found in the Ziamatic manual: www.ziamatic.com

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Utility Mounting System supplied by Ziamatic

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