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Utility Mounting Straps

by Marcus
Utility Mounting Straps

Utility Mounting Straps Supplied by Ziamatic

The Utility Mounting Straps from Ziamatic are the popular, economical way to secure virtually ANY item in firefighting trucks.

Features of Utility Mounting Straps:

– 2″ wide heavy-duty nylon construction
– A hook and loop closure system that provides extraordinary holding power
– Strap doubles back on itself through the “D” ring to double that holding power
– A 360-degree grip range
– Great for use on land, sea, or air
– More economical that conventional mounting systems

Includes one 2″ Footman’s Loop. Maybe be used alone, with one additional Footman, or in conjunction with a QUIC-STRAP Fixed Strap. Length measured from inside of “D” ring to fold between Hook & Loops.

Lengths Available:

5″ to 6-1/2″ (5.5-6.25″ best grip range) – Model UMVS-0565-11
8″ to 11″ (7.5-10.75″ best grip range) – Model UMVS-0811-11
11″ to 16″ (9.25-14.63″ best grip range) – Model UMVS-1116-11
16″ to 25″ (16-25″ best grip range) – Model UMVS-1625-11
25″ to 44″ (25-44″ best grip range) – Model UMVS-2544-11
Complete Set of 5″ to 44″ Straps – Model UMVSCS-0544-11

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Utility Mounting Straps supplied by Ziamatic

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